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Mohammed Majeed

My name is Mohammed Majeed i live in Chicago area i started to learn SAP in the month of April 2007, when i join the training there were so many options for me to choose the SAP Access for functional requirement than i started to hunt for better service i tried so many of them with abnormal system, problems with connectivity and the big problem was the systems was not installed properly which means System are not working properly if i have to practice on one area i have to fix the system as a new Lerner which makes SAP learning more complected and i have seen people giving up SAP just because they didn't got proper system than i came across i bought the account type student from them which was very affordable compare to other services plus i got opportunity to work on the latest system ECC6.0 with smoothly configured system i dint have to fix any thing, just start working which means saving lot of time for me and my support time was 120 hrs from the time ticket generated and the problem was fixed with in 12 hrs, There is no issues other than i made some by entering password three times etc. So i strongly refer and recommend is the best place to Practice SAP and even today they are the cheapest in the market when compare to standard SAP access. if you folks have any more questions feel free to email me on
Thank you for being the path of success for me.