Available Systems

If system you looking for is not available in the list of the systems below, we have it under Dedicated Service. For Dedicated Service information please click on the link Corporate BASIS Services.

Premium systems:

Name Description
Dedicated Server Installation Fee Dedicated server installation fee is charged ONCE before purchase of the dedicated server system.
Dedicated Server Access One dedicated SAP system of your choice with up to 25 userIds, weekly backups and premium technical support. Separate hardware and dedicated Public IP address.

Regular systems:

Name Description
S4HANA 2021 with SAP_ALL profile The latest release of SAP HANA 2021, non-IDES with SAP_ALL profile
S4HANA 2020 with SAP_ALL profile Second - Newest 2020 S4HANA system, non-IDES with SAP_ALL profile
S4Hana 2021 with SAP_ALL Latest SAP HANA 2021 with SAP_ALL complete authorization access, non-IDES.
S4Hana 1909 Non IDES with SAP_ALL profile S4H Hana 1909 clean non-IDES system with SAP_ALL profile
S4Hana 1610 IDES with SAP_ALL profile S4H HANA IDES 1610 system with SAP_ALL profile
BW 7.57 Latest BW system with BI_CONT 757
ECC IDES EHP7 Enhancement pack 7 system Enhancement pack 7 IDES system based on NW 7.4 with all ECC modules. Include MDG 6.1. SAP FIORI working. Gateway working.
ECC 6.06 IDES EHP6 system. ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES system. System is based on Netweaver 7.31. It include ABAP, MM, SD, FI, CO, PM, PP, HCM via NWBC, MDG.
ECC 6.0 IDES For BASIS and Security with SAP_ALL ECC 6.0 IDES SR2 system for BASIS and Security access with no restrictions in user profile. Please be aware: account sharing is prohibited and will NOT be tolerated, will result in account locking with no money refunded. System has a high risk of being re-installed frequently. Please use for Security and BASIS related purposes ONLY.
CRM IDES EHP2 IDES version of CRM EHP2 This is the latest IDES version of CRM - Enhancement pack 2. Does not have Java stack. This system is interconnected with E91 ECC 6.06 system - special system for communications with CRM EHP2. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ECC SYSTEM COMES WITH CRM - YOU NEED TO PURCHASE IT AS SECOND SYSTEM IN ORDER TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT.
SCM IDES EHP1 with APO Latest IDES version of SCM with Optimizer and Livecache. Interconnected to special E91 ECC 6.06 Special system for interconnection to SCM and CRM system. ECC to be purchased as a second system in the order, not included with SCM.
SCM IDES EHP1 EWM This is EWM client of SCM EHP1 IDES system. Please select it if you want to work with client 890 - EWM client of SCM system
Solution Manager 7.2 Solution Manager 7.2 only ABAP stack, no Java