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Is Evaluation SAP software different form the one SAP AG uses in their training centers? Is it LEGAL to buy access services here?

A lot of people ask, why do we provide access services to EVALUATION versions of SAP products, and here is explanation.

Evaluation SAP software is exactly THE SAME as what SAP uses inside their training centers worldwide.
Licensed SAP Software CAN NOT be used for NON-PRODUCTION use, like providing access.
If you would read the fine print at the BOTTOM of the page of most of our competitors, they state that they do NOT posses
the software license as it is used in association or provided by some third party company. Web site of this third party company as well
does NOT have any SAP official LOGOS which would be presented by an official SAP partner.
It is absolutely LEGAL to buy services to access EVALUATION SAP software under the TERMS and CONDITIONS provided on our web site.
We of course could install SAP license on every product we use, as we of course do have our own SAP license, but licensed products , once again,
can NOT be used for NON-PRODUCTION use. We do not work as an ASSOCIATION of any other third party company, we are the
OLDEST (since 2001) and BIGGEST provider out there. No other competitor shows you what we show you on the first page of our web site:

1. How many clients we have (Registered users)
2. How many OPENED TICKETS we have - this shows we ARE WORKING to resolve your incoming tickets on ASAP basis!
3. How many RESOLVED tickets do we have to show how much support work has been already done since CURRENT web site is up (since 2006)