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I want to renew my account but I want to use different credit card number or paypal account.

We do not store on our web site any payment information such as credit card numbers or paypal account information. So, RENEW button will act as a request to the merchant provide to draw payment from you last used payment information which is stored securely at our merchant provide www.beanstream.com
If you want to have your order to be debited at a different payment source like another credit card or paypal account, please create NEW order at the web site and pay using your new payment method. Once your order is activated, please submit ticket via web site and ask our tech support to move your accounts to your old order accounts.
In this case you will apply BONUS points to your new order and keep the same accounts you had before.
Please make sure you do this within 3 days form the expiration of your old order so your accounts will still be available for you and do not go to the pool of available accounts and will not be taken by somebody else.
In case it has been more then 3 days since your old order expired and your accounts have been purchased by another person, we will try to accomodate your request by moving you to the same system/client so you will have access to your previous configuration.