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Dear Customers!

As our web site content is stolen and misused by company named softwarelabaccess and they refuse to remove stolen content, there is not much more we can do but to advice the community about the theft:

12 July 2012. Battle is won, does not exist anymore. Now they changed the name and operate under the name Customers PLEASE BE AWARE.

26 August 2011. Here is interesting new information we just received from former BASIS support employee of softwarelabsaccess who applied for job with us:

Hi Sir,

I resigned because more work for a day for less salary.Its almost 18
hours work for a day.That company is not looks like a company.They are
running their business in a residential flat and that company is
placed in outside from Hyderabad.
Best Regards
M.V Raghunatha Reddy

On 8/25/11, IDESACd beReddy!
> You question is:
> Hi Sir,I am Raghunatha Reddy.I worked before in softwarelabaccess.I resigned
> job recently there.Is there any job fo--
Best Regards
M.V Raghunatha Reddyr me in your company.If you have job i
> will work part time for you according to your convenient time.
> ---
> Answer:
> Why you have resigned? Please explain.

As you can see from this conversation, this describes this company softwarelabsaccess in all details.

11 August 2011: Still as after prolonged period of time and our legal efforts, softwarelabaccess still have not changed the texts and content of their "references" which they copied directly from our web site. They even did not bother to change the words, easy copy-paste, even names have been compressed and remain the same. We continue to advise the community about this theft. 23 May 2011: NEW INFORMATION ACQUIRED ON SOFTWARELABSACCESS.COM - PLEASE READ AND BE CAREFUL!

Web site registered: 3 May 2011 - they lie they have the web site since 2007.
The owner of the web site is Chinna Reddy, currently residing in the Canada: also the owner of Macropus Global - they have removed all content from this web site, including address and other information after we started to try to get our stolen content off their web site.
Raghunatha Reddy is their BASIS consultant running the servers: Take a look at his profile, what kind of experience they use to support their systems:
This all scam is based in India, same with all the phone numbers from web site claimed to be from different countries but indeed they are virtual phone numbers collected in India.

12 May 2011:We come to know about web site 3 weeks ago and were astonished by the way all content of our web site, Policies, pages texts and even FEEDBACKS have been copied with few words changed here and there.
We contacted the persons responsible at and asked them to remove looks-alike and copyrighted materials form their web site, but had not received any reply or any feedback.
We are in the process of preparing a court case against
We come to believe, that people created this web site used to have web sites like (which they also copied exactly from our web site) and have been brought to the court multiple times and have closed their web site, now they scamming people at the new location.

Some of our NEW customers have already reported they have been initially customers of the mentioned above web site and have not received quality service.

28 November 2011: Have been browsing their web site today, really thankful that the thiefs have very little brains. Check their Feedback section, all they did is copied our feedback changed our name to their name and posted. It a no brainier. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE SCAMS!