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Dear Customers.

We would like to summarize what we were doing for you in the last 12 years and why we are the BEST SAP Access providers out there:

1. We created this market in 2001 when there only access provider in the world - us!
2. We constantly going beyond our competition by bringing you the latest systems and technologies. As an example, nobody has REAL TIME SAP SYSTEM TO WEB SITE INTEGRATION which AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATE ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATE and allows you to unlock userids instantly though web site, nobody has ECC 6.05 EHP5 with PORTALS INTEGRATED system
3. We do not lie to you: We show you all problems with servers at the NEWS page of the web site, we show you how many customers we have, how many tickets we resolved and how many trouble tickets are in the resolution process at any given time at Many have copied our web site, our contents, our feedbacks, steal our good name, make look-alike web sites. Please be aware: THERE IS ONE AND ONLY TRUE GENUE SAP ACCESS PORTAL IN THE WORLD: IDESACCESS.COM. We do not hire resellers, we passing all the savings directly to you, no middleman involved because we do direct sales globally.
4. We provide real support. Our systems DO WORK, otherwise we would not be leading this market since we created it in 2001.
5. We work out our pricing. We constantly bringing you the BEST offer on the market by lowering our prices year after year. WHY are we capable of doing it and not going bankrupt? Because of you, our customers who support us and allowing to maintain the biggest number of subscribers in the industry, spreading our costs and giving you the best price value option available.
6. We Give you the BEST HARDWARE. Located in Toronto, Ontario is the datacenter which is rated number ONE in Canada and number TWO in the world, 1 TB internet direct backbone connection, we use best quality hardware gives you peace of mind and best connection speeds in the industry. Not everybody can afford that costly set up, but thanks to our customers who see the difference, we can! Most of our competition run access from the server in their apartment or basement. Mostly somewhere in India.
7. And finally, we employ ONLY the BEST BASIS personnel in north America! All our BASIS support are at least 15 years of real on-site experience working with top 5 consulting companies in the world like Deloitte, PWC, IBM, etc. Yes, we do NOT employ clerks to pass you though stages of support, when you submit ticket it goes directly to the BASIS professional who will be answering your inquiry. We might not be that kissy and huggy, but we do our work the way it should be done.

Thank you all our CUSTOMERS once again for continuous support and working with us since 2001!

We wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW 2012!