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Compare us to competitors

We are the OLDEST and BIGGEST provider out there, operating since 2001. We are the ones who created this market and for a long period of time we have been alone on this market. Once interest to Remote access services grow in the world, we start to receive competition.
Our competitors try to copy everything from us: they copy texts on our web site, our Policies, even the fonts, colors and looks of our web site portal, but they CAN NOT copy what mattes the most - PROFESSIONAL service we provide. IS it true - ABSOLUTELY and we are living evidence as we are on the market since 2001.
We operate on the edge of profitability as established corporation. if you find somebody on the market selling remote service below the price we advertise, please note, you might loose your money as those companies not tend to last for long time. We have seen dozens of companies who sell services, for example like $99 for 3 months for a Single account, vanish in few months, collected money and disappear. Or they going to place 3 times more people on the same server and you as a customer will receive 3 times worth service, if any.
If you find competitors who charge more then us, then please note - they are resellers, so they need to charge extra money for their profit. Please do not buy any tricks on 100% legal service some of our competitors advertise, etc. All services we provide are legal, under Terms and Conditions on the web site.
So. please BE CAREFUL when choosing your Remote Access Services provider! We show you everything about our services: We show you how many customers we have, how many support tickets we have resolved and most important HOW MANY SUPPORT TICKETS CURRENTLY OPENED! All our feedback are done by actual customers of ours, and we do not emphasize to have feedback left, if our customers leave feedback, this is only call from their hearts, otherwise we would of had thousands of feedback if we would actually push our customers to leave some.
You could also see who is a leader in the industry by the availability of 100% working new systems, like we have had CRM 7.0 for about a year already, as our competitors just start to have it available. We can not comment on the configuration of their system, but ours include Portals and is 100% working. We have SRM 7.0 system which nobody yet has, we have it for 6 months already.
No matter what other competitors say, our service is the BEST you can get on the market and that's why:

IDESACCESS Competitors
Number of users per server. This indicates how your settings can be influenced by other users. 20-40 users per server. Online not more then 10 users at any given time, mostly 3-5 users per server online. 500-1000 users per server. At least 20 users online at any given time.
Guaranteed support timeframe - when and how your problems will be resolved. Would you get time credit if they are not resolved? 24 hours guaranteed resolution time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we unable to resolve within time frame, you will get free time credit. No guaranteed timeframe for ticket resolution, some do not work on weekends and holidays. No ticket support system, only e-mail support. No time credit will be given if problems not resolved.
Working servers. All functionality is working Limited functionality is working. Most of the systems do not have required functionality. Especially BI 7.0, CRM, SRM, XI (PI).
Price $59.99 for ONE SYSTEM Access (compare with $99.99 at our competitors) $114.99 (compare with $149.99 at our competitors) for TWO SYSTEMS Access. More savings for pre-paid long term services. Cancellation of subscriptions inside the web site, no need to call or e-mail. All done online. Same price for everybody at $99.99 per month for ONE SYSTEM Access. To cancel your account you need to call or send e-mails.
Developer key accounts for ABAP development Included free of charge. Additional $50 for Developer account
Transfers from one system to another. Can you change from BI to CRM for example during your subscription? Yes, you can change ANY system to ANY other we have (and we have all) once a month free of charge. No system change possible
Server connection and processing speed. Fast or Super Fast because of low number of users per server. Dedicated T3 optical internet line. Slow or Very Slow in peak times (weekends). Most of the servers not capable to hold that number of users.
Infrastructure and support Guru BASIS consultants with at least 10 years of experience. More then 50 servers in data center. Intermediate BASIS consultants with no knowledge how to fix most of the problems. 3-4 servers in-house facility.
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee They say so, but why customers running back to our servers then?